Februari 1, 2009

Lego Rock Raiders

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Beware! Danger lurks deep within the dark tunnels of this mysterious underground world. Avoiding lava flows and rock falls will be the least of your worries as you mine for precious energy crystals that Rock Monsters jealously guard. With high adventure deep underground, you’ve got to be quick to survive. An exciting underground environment, packed with action, adventure and progressive challenges, LEGO Rock Raiders brings the resource-based strategy genre to the kids market.

Explore, tunnel and excavate in the underground tunnels of an unexplored planet, light years from home. Establish and maintain the Rock Raiders HQ, protecting it and your team mates from the menacing Rock monsters and other creatures of the underground. Overcome all the obstacles as you collect precious energy crystals that can be used to power your machinery and the ships’ engines, and LEGO ore to build new machinery.Most importantly, proceed with extreme caution.

Avoid Danger – When a Rock Monster is disturbed, nothing is safe!
Explosive Action – Dynamite through embedded rock to find hidden crystals.
Three Underground Worlds – Lava, Ice, and Rock: Navigate through dangerous underground worlds to achieve your mission.
Take Control – Test your skills while commanding hover craft and mining machines.

Navigate the Rock Raiders’ vehicles through 25 exciting missions.
Explore underground caverns in 3 different types of terrain—Rock, Lava and Ice.
Figure out what buildings you need for your Rock Raider HQ.
Take command of the Rock Raiders team and their equipment, including the cool teleporter.
Mine for the Energy Crystals that power your ship’s engines using the Chrome Crusher.
Navigate your way through the dark underground tunnels, watching out for lava flows and other natural hazards.
Choose from over 10 different specialized vehicles.
Train your Rock Raiders to give them different practical skills.
Teleport your heavy vehicles to the ship.
Watch out for strange creatures.
When a Rock Monster is disturbed, nothing is safe.

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP
Pentium 200 MHz MMX or faster (Pentium II recommended)
32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
200 MB free hard disk space
640×480 monitor, 16-bit color
DirectSound-compatible sound card & speakers
4X CD-ROM drive (8X recommended)
4 MB PCI or AGP DirectX 6.1-compatible 3D accelerator card
DirectX 6.1 (supplied on CD)
12/16 MB Direct 3D-compatible video card recommended


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